Bring out your fun side with high-end bike! This folding bike, with its bubblegum pink frame and matching wheels, is so striking it could be spotted a mile away. Not only does this bike instill a sense of childlike joy with its gleaming bright color, it also has the versatility and fortitude to ride on all kinds of terrain. Camping grounds, parks, mountain trails, you name it – this bike can handle it all. It’s even equipped with a suspension fork along with frame spring suspension to absorb the impact of an uneven road. This lightweight folding bike can be folded within 10 seconds for easy storage and transportation. Its intuitive frame-folding function allows the bike’s frame to fold in on itself. The frame is made with a lightweight but sturdy aluminum alloy. By detaching the quick-release handlebar from the head tube, removing the seat post and saddle from the seat tube and fold the pedals, this bike can be folded to fit into a cubic space of 38″x14″x29″. This bike can fit into the rear trunk of a compact car, like a Honda Civic 2000 or a Toyota Prius. We CANNOT guarantee that the bike will fit in all compact cars, since some compact cars may have a very small trunk space. An interested buyer should determine whether their vehicle’s car trunk can accommodate a folding bike before purchasing. We offer longer seat post to whose height is more than 6’0″ and less than 6’2″. Please place your bike order with longer seat post (Columba_RJ26A 14″ Seat Post) order together, your shipping charge will be reduced.