A Bicycle frame is the main component for your bicycle, this piece of component can be considered as a mother-ship where all other components of bicycle attached. Mainly a bicycle frame designed to attach wheels, gear, saddle and other components with purpose to get a different riding experience for different purpose bicycle. The modern bicycle frame design that is common to use nowadays is known as a diamond frame design and based on a safety bicycle, that is consist of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle for the rear wheel holder.

Bicycle has to dealt with all the weight that the bicycle will carry while providing riding stability, that is why the most important features to look if you looking to build your own bike is that the bicycle frame to be strong, stiff and light-weighted. Mostly with various materials from common material like iron or advanced material like stainless-steel aluminium and also comes in different shape design for different purpose bike.

A Common bicycle frame-set consists of the main frame(main triangle and paired rear triangle) and front fork that held the front wheel, and includes headset and seat post. If you buying a frame-set, then the manufacturer also produce the frame and fork as a paired set, so you do not need to buy these separately.