Product Features

  • Designed for Brompton
  • Fits any phone / Solid metal construction
  • Tracked shipping
  • Fits any Brompton's handlebar (H/M/S/P)
  • 270-degree rotation mechanism
(as of 04/12/2021 06:58 UTC - Details)

Product Description

BROMPTON Phone Mount + light bracket (attach any front lights).

This product is designed for Brompton, used by attaching it to an existing smartphone case used with smart case mount.

QuickMount is Trigo’s proprietary quick release mounting system that allows fast and easy tool-free mounting and removal of QuickMount smartphone case.
270-degree rotation mechanism. You can use this system on any smartphone (just install it on your bike and attach it to your phone case).

Compatibility: plastic and metal cases only.
Not compatible: textile, leather and any rough surfaces.

NOTE: Smartphone case is not included.

Also, you can connect your GPS device to this mount system.


Material: Machined Aluminum / Plastic
Surface finish: Anode
Attribute: Suitable for any Brompton
Weight: 58.5g
Bolt: M5*18*1; PVC sheet*2

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